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Genesis 12:3

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Help Support the Kwamo School Addition
Serve or donate to a Rehabilitation Center in Ghana
Help us put an addition on this school. We have been visiting here since 2015 and have been the recipients of their gracious hospitality and cultural dance demonstrations. We have enjoyed watching their students grow, some even through graduation, and are excited about their hard work and dedication. Now, they are ready to expand and could use a hand.
We have purchased the concrete and sand, and the blocks have been molded (see pic). Now it is time to bring it all together and finish the project, so we are fundraising for the remaining supplies required (concrete for the foundation and floor, brick laying, framing lumber, and roofing). Labor will be donated by FMF volunteers, as well as the parents and teachers at the school. Skilled labor will be provided by local professionals, thereby contributing to community economics.
Please help us add another building of classrooms by donating to the addition/expansion of Kwamo School.
GOAL: $2500
Help Provide a Micro Loan | Support a Dream and a Family

Helena Appiah

Donate and help provide scholarships for youth throughout the world

Helena is an incredible seamstress, a wife and mother of 3, and has magic fingers at the sewing machine. She runs a successful tailoring business; however, whenever she needs to surge something, which is often, she has to go all the way to Central Market and pay someone to do it for her. She would like to expand her business in phases, the first including adding an electric sewing machine (she currently uses a hand-operated machine), an overlock machine (serger), and, if possible a machine that stitches patterns/embroidery. She would also like to include notions that she can then supply to the other dressmakers around, helping them also save time by not having to travel so far to the market. With these extra machines, she would also be able to rent them out to other dress-makers, and they would then pay HER for the service she is currently paying someone else to do.

Long-term, Helena aspires to having her own sewing school where she can train others in this skill that she has developed. This would potentially bless many, many families, as she uses her gifts to benefit so many others.

Please help her make her dream a reality by donating to this small business loan.

GOAL $950

Georgina Anyabaso

Donate and help provide scholarships for youth throughout the world

Georgina is an experienced store wura (owner), a mother of 7 sons, and a literacy learner who has successfully managed a small shop selling drinks, biscuits, soap, kenke, toilet paper, and various other home care commodities. She would like to expand her inventory to include more food stuffs that people regularly request from her but that she does not presently have the capital to stock, such as rice, oil, bread, milk, fresh vegetables, dried fish, etc.  This would allow her to expand and grow her business to enable her to pay school fees for her 3 youngest children, as well as provide independence and additional security for her family with her husband.

Her shop is presently located in a portion of her home, and her family has already rearranged to make accommodation of space for the expanded inventory.  The additional income generated from the business would be used to further invest in business growth, improve the existing structure used as the shop and, long term, contribute to building a more suitable dwelling for her family.

Please consider donating to Georgina’s small business loan that will allow her to grow her business and, as a consequence, bless her family with a better home, as well as more security and better education for her younger children.

GOAL: $600

Mavis’s Bakery & Pastry Shop

Donate and help provide scholarships for youth throughout the world

This is a request for funds to begin a bakery and pastry business for a single mother in Kumasi, Ghana.  Mavis is a widow with 2 children, having lost her husband 2 years ago. This shop will allow her greater independence and the ability to provide for her family.

Mavis is skilled in baking and desires to grow a business where she would employ 2 girls to sell her goods for her, as well as supply other traders, thereby helping them to grow their businesses with her goods. The girls she will pay on commission, paying them only according to how well they sell. The traders will buy her products up front and then incorporate them with the businesses they are already running, allowing them to offer more products to their current customers. Mavis will also take orders from people and sell directly from her shop.  She will sell meat pies, banana bread, and other pastries, as well as drinks, including soda and yogurt drinks. She has space for a shop at her home, and she will use this as the headquarters of her business.

Monica Wayo

Donate and help provide scholarships for youth throughout the world

Meet Monica! She is a mother of 2 small children, a woman of many talents. She works very hard during the day to support her family and provide for her children’s education. Very hard! She sells drinks she makes herself from a bowl carried on her head. She earns about $12.50 a week traveling along the roadside selling her “pito.”

She has learned the art of hairdressing and would love to have her own shop but, as you can imagine, her resources are small to be able to accomplish her dream. If she had her own shop, in addition to doing hair, she would also bring in additional beauty things to sell. This would provide a significant increase in her family livelihood.

Monica is also working hard to learn English at the same time she is learning to read. She studies and practices her literacy lessons every day and is very quick-minded! Truly a woman of many gifts!

You can make a difference to this super sweet (and smart) sister by donating to help fund her loan.  We are SO excited for her and for this opportunity, but we can’t do it without YOU!!

GOAL: $450